About Us

Creative Gems and Jewellery Pvt. Ltd.  is a jewelry manufacturing company based in Mumbai, we cater to clients having retail showrooms globally as well as individuals on appointment. Our expertise and focus is CNC Technology driven and Customized Handcrafted Jewelry.


We have an array of collections varying from bangles, bracelets, hoops, bands, rings, bands, necklaces, chokers to chandeliers, earrings, brooches and pendants. Computerized Numerically Controlled i.e. CNC Technology gives light-weight jewelry with impeccable precision, quality and strength.


We take order as well as create our Own Designs. Our Team consists of experts in the field of jewelry production, design, diamond grading and assortment, technology, R&D, consumer behavior and insights. We also trade in solitaires and loose diamond parcels.


Company Values & Strengths

    • Exclusive Curated Designs | Complete Customization
    • Inhouse Designing | One-of-a-Kind Products
    • Excellent Finishing | High Quality Control
    • In-House Infrastructure | Technology Driven
    • Value for Money | Factory Outlet
    • Ethical & Best Practices | Certification & Hallmarking
    • Delivery under Deadline | Responsive Client Servicing
    • Huge Design Database | Vast Variety & Options
    • Extensive Sample Line | Look-Feel & Wear-Try